Flashdance Flashdance

Keyboard 2
Gandersheimer Domfestspiele 2021

Fame Fame

Keyboard 2
Gandersheimer Domfestspiele 2018
© Rudolf Hillebrecht

Hairspray Hairspray

Coaching, Keyboard 2
Tournee 2017/2018
Konzertdirektion Landgraf
© Lupi Spuma/Haymann

Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Fever

Keyboard 2
Gandersheimer Domfestspiele 2017
© Rudolf Hillebrecht

Evita Evita

Keyboard 3
Tournee 2016/2017
Konzertdirektion Landgraf
© Dietrich Dettmann

Kiss me, Kate Kiss me, Kate

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Tour-production 2015/2016:
Konzertdirektion Landgraf
© Fotos: van der Voorden

Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Gandersheimer Domfestspiele 2015
© Fotos: Hillebrecht / Die Foto-Maus

Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton
Konzertdirektion Landgraf
© Fotos: Bernd Böhner

Sirens Cry

Sirens Cry
Live-Concerts, tours in Austria and abroad and the debut album "Scattered Horizons" have shaped the Viennese progressive metal band "Sirens Cry". Michael Siskov is the band's keyboard player and he also participates in songwriting.
Draconian Spectrum (Demo):
Oratory and Sins (Demo):

Fine arts is/has rightS

Bildende Kunst hat Recht (Fine arts is/has rightS)

Directors, Actors, Artists, Writers ans Musicians support the campaign "Arts has rights" by producing professional videoclips. Michael Siskov played a pianopart by Peter Janda for the clip "Fine arts has rights", directed by Michael Kreihsl. The recording has been done at Innenhofstudios Vienna.

Rehearsal Recordings

Chopin Frédéric Chopin
Etude in G Flat, Op. 10/5

Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata in C minor, Op. 10/1, Finale. Prestissimo