Henry - Man in White - Musical

Henry Logo Musical
Henry - Man in White
by Michael Siskov based on a true story

Music and lyrics by Michael Siskov

Book by Michael Siskov and Christian Lusser
Additional material by Elisabeth Breuer

The Red Cross, the Geneva Convention. Mastermind of both revolutionary, humanitarian achievments is the Swiss businessman Henry Dunant, who was witness of the massacre of the battle in Solferino 1859 and changed as a direct consequence his mind to follow a new purpose in life to help, take care and cure wounded soldiers all over the world. His private and occupational life tough should go through a series of dreadful events...
The musical play is in continous progress, the finishing is planned at the end of 2022. Dates of production and performances will be published here.

Watch the demo of Finale 2 "Tutti Fratelli":

Watch the demo of the big love ballade "A dream of joy":

On February 24th 2019 the concert hall of the Vienna Boys' Choir showed a selection of the musical and performed them in front of an interessted audience.

Watch the Highlights of this evening:

Vienna Filmmusic Competiton 2015

Wiener Filmmusik Preis 2015 SECOND PLACE!
Vienna Filmmusic Competiton 2015
The Dark Valley
by Andreas Prochaska, Allegro Film 2014

starring Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti, Paula Beer u. a.
original score by Matthias Weber

The Austrian Composers Club organizes every year a competition for young composers of filmmusic. Michael Siskov participated 2015 and chose a short scene, taken out from the motion picture "The Dark Valley". The original music has been muted. The candidate had to re-compose and produce a new music to picture, speech and sound design.

Click on the button below to listen to Michael Siskovs music to this scene:

Watch the movieclip with Siskovs new music: With kind permission given by allegrofilm

Deconstructed Sound

Zerlegte Geräusche Imagefilm
Deconstructed Sound
Imagefilm about the painter Ludmil Siskov

A Film by Viktor Jaschke
Music by Michael Siskov

In this artist's portrait Viktor Jaschke shows the inner world of the painter Ludmil Siskov.

One Day at the Heather

One Day at the HeatherPianomusic
One Day at the Heather
Eight miniatures for the piano

About dawn, the "ordinary" everyday life, a summer storm and the peacefull dusk... The piano-cycle "One Day at the Heather" describes in eight short pieces lovely scenes about animals and nature in tradition with "program music" like Bartók or Schumann. The music takes player and audience on a journey around piano-technical chapters in modern, impressionistic and popular style in eleven minutes. The easy and moderate pieces always follow the concept of focusing a special, technical theme without losing the effort for easiest playability and fun. So the composition, created for the Mauricio-Kagel-Competition by the Music-University Vienna, adresses young pianists.

FREE SCORE AVAILABLE (for personal use only)

1. Awakening of the sun:
5. The grashopper brings joyful lore:
2. The ants go to work:
6. Summerrain:
3. Scenic flight of the dragonfly:
7. The fireflies herald the night:
4. The little bee is dreaming:
8. Lullaby:

The pearl-horned cow

Die Kuh mit Hoernern aus Perlmutt
Radio play
The pearl-horned cow
by Michael Siskov based upon a fairy-tale from Tibet

Music and production by Michael Siskov

Narrator............Max Sahliger
Young girl............Melanie Wurzer
Old woman............Isabella Lechner
Little dog............Michael Siskov

Plot: A miracle happens in the herd of a poor farmers family: A mysterious, pearl-horned cow is born and told to bring wealth to the people. But one day, the cow gets lost and the farmers daughters start seeking the cow. Days pass without the return of the daughters. Finally the last remaining daughter sets off for her journey to save her sisters and the magical cow from great danger.

Illustration: Michael Siskov

PLAY (6:59, german)


by Felix Kurmayer and Michael Siskov

Music and production by Michael Siskov

Falling in love is one of the most powerful experiences in life and there can't be enough artworks about the most wonderful thing on earth. Actor Felix Kurmayer adores romantic and love - not only on stage. He is a passionate writer and romantic poetry is one of is greatest possibilities in art to share his feelings.

But Kurmayer brings romantic on a higher state: Together with composer and musician Michael Siskov the poetry got a unique and well done soundtrack, which lets the listener fall into a beautiful dream of love and romance.

Finally Kurmayers and Siskovs Soundpoetry got on stage as a live act. Watch two live-recordings from the premiere of the live-performance and listen to the demo-track of "Seelenschloss" ("Castle of my soul"):

Seelenschloss (2:22)

The monster named Tarasque

Radio play
The monster named Tarasque
A fairytale from France

Spoken, music and produced by Michael Siskov
Eigth at the online-voting on Ö1

Plot: A diabolic monster frightens the people living beside the river Rhone by causing destruction and death. Even the strongest and bravest heros are not capable of slaying the creature. Only Holy Martha is the last hope for the desperate population.

Illustration: Martina Nacházelová (with kind permission)
PLAY (5:12, german)